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Electrolysis remains the only FDA approved method of PERMANENT hair removal.

This offer is for new clients only and cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount.

Electrolysis Solutions


Electrolysis can reveal the full extent of your natural beauty. You will love the smooth, healthy look you can achieve with electrology.

Dolce Electrolysis is dedicated to helping you take control of unwanted hair and let your beautiful skin shine through.

Electrolysis is the proven solution:



  • Did you Know? Electrolysis is the only hair removal method recognized as Permanent by the FDA.

  • The hair you see is not all the hair you have. Hair grows in cycles. That's why it takes a series of treatments to achieve permanent hair removal. The number of sessions depend on many factors, including previous methods of temporary hair removal, and individual physiological factors.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking plenty of water helps unwanted hair slide right out.

  • Clean skin reduces risk of infection and irritation, so makeup, deodorants, lotions and oils should be avoided the day of treatment.

  • We need to see the hair to treat it. The longer the hair, the easier and faster we can work so pick a day and time in the week that works best to keep a regular appointment for best results. It's okay to shave between treatments, but never, ever tweeze!

  • For a more comfortable treatment, avoid stimulants such as caffeine for a few hours before your appointment.

  • Gently exfoliating your skin before your treatment opens the follicles and lets the unwanted hair slide out more easily.

  • Some conditions, like PCOS or hormonal imbalances, may continue to encourage hair growth. While electrolysis will help reduce the hair, you should consult your physician to treat the underlying condition that is causing the hair growth.

  • Talk to your electrologist about any questions or concerns. We want your experience to be as comfortable and effective as possible.

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