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Electrolysis Solutions

Your Permanent Path to Smooth, Safe, and Universal Success!

There are many reasons people - both men and women - turn to electrolysis as the best way to remove hair. No matter what the specific problem area, age, gender, hair or skin type, hair color or skin color, electrolysis can help. Every day, people just like you choose electrolysis as a permanent, safe, and effective solution.

Electrolysis is still the only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA. Electrolysis eliminates any hair and treats all skin types. A century of use has proven electrolysis safe with no negative side effects. No other hair removal method can claim such universal success!


Electrolysis For Men

If you're not someone who cheerfully puts up with a time-consuming hair maintenance routine, you've found the permanent hair removal solution for men: electrolysis. Some common areas of treatment are: eyebrows, beard sculpting, neckline, ear hair; back and shoulders. Competitive athletes also choose electrolysis for permanent removal of unwanted body hair.

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Electrolysis For All Hair Colors and Types

Individuals with red, blonde and white hair are not candidates for other hair removal methods. Electrolysis is their only option when it comes to permanent hair removal. Electrolysis also works on coarse, wavy and curly hair.  Curly hair is more prone to become ingrown or cause raised bumps on your skin. Coarse hair gets stuck underneath the skin.

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Electrolysis For Dark Skin

Dark skin is a challenge for some hair removal methods, but not for electrolysis. If you've heard that your skin tone means that you are not a candidate for hair removal treatments, then you need to speak to an electrolgist. Electrolysis is effective on all skin colors and types of hair.

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Electrolysis For PCOS and Hormonal Changes

Throughout a woman's live, hormones fluctuate and can cause hair to grow unexpectedly. The cause can be related to puberty, menopause, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an underlying medical condition, your genetic makeup and even some medications. For the hair, the solution is electrolysis!


Electrolysis For Teens

As teens, physical changes such as unsightly hair can negatively impact body image and self-esteem. For teen girls, it could be the growth of superfluous hair on the face. For teen boys, it may be the emergence of thick, bulky eyebrows. Electrolysis is a permanent solution for removing excess hair safely, comfortably and conveniently.


Electrolysis For Transgender People

If you are looking for a treatment to permanently remove facial hair and excess body hair as part of gender reassignment, electrolysis is the solution for you. A professional electrologist is aware of what you are trying to accomplish and how electrolysis fits into your process. The electrologist will respect you, your choices and your privacy.


For Breasts and other Sensitive areas

Professionally performed electrolysis safely and permanently eliminates unwanted hair from the breasts and nearby sensitive areas with unsurpassed results.

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