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My Journey in choosing Electrolysis

We are excited to introduce Kathleen to you. Kathleen suffers from PCOS and has had issues with facial hair for over 40 years. She is going to be writing her story and her experience with electrolysis for everyone to follow along with. Check back with us to for updates as we get to be a part of Kathleen's transformation.

My Journey in choosing Electrolysis

Every journey has a beginning, middle and an end. The obvious ending for this journey was my decision to move forward with electrolysis.

My journey began when I was 11 and my Mom bought me my first Flicker razor.

I felt like such a grown up!! So with Razor and Barbasol shave cream in hand, I learned how to shave my legs and under arms.

Over the next 2 years, Mom explained “the facts of life” I got my first period when I was 13.

What Mom failed to explain was the hair growing on my face. PCOS was not a “thing” much less a diagnosis 41 years ago. So I grabbed my trusted Flicker and proceeded to shave my chin and upper lip.

Weekly shaving continued through my teen years until I started dating - then I shaved more often, until before I knew it I had to shave daily and If I had a date - I shaved twice a day!!

Fast forward to January 2019, I am now 53 years old and beginning my life all over again. I have been through the “Not great marriage” and am working through the anxiety associated with the stress.

I met with my primary doctor and had a heart to heart discussion with her. She told me that I did have all the symptoms of PCOS and we discussed options. I began researching permanent hair removal options and Electrolysis seemed to be the ONLY permanent solution.

At work one day I was looking through Groupon and found several Electrolysis options - I began by Googling and checking each provider on YELP. I finally decided on DOLCE Electrolysis and made my appointment. IMMEDIATELY via text and email, Mary made me feel so comfortable. I scheduled a trial 30 minute appointment and SO WISHed I had scheduled a full hour!!

Mary put me right to ease and made me realize - I AM NOT ALONE!! We talked through the entire appointment and let me tell you --- no pain at all - I have 8 tattoos - I know pain!

I have already scheduled my next 3 appointments - I cannot wait to share this journey!


Charlotte, NC "

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